is a disease of the retina-center which leads to practical blindness: Due to longer life expectancy in the western world its significance is increasing. But it is generally regarded as not to be treated.
Many patients diagnosed as having MD feel abandoned by their opthalmologists, particularily as their vision deteriorates noticeably - sometimes rapidly - sometimes slowly.
Due to this situation the MACULAR DEGENERATION ASSOCIATION / Germany (BV MD e. V.) has been founded in 1995. Since then the MDA has become a source of information for those seeking help and advice far beyond the borders of Germany.


1- to give comprehensive information about the disease and the possibilities of its treatment already in the early stage to those who are affected by MD.
2. - Exchange of experience, especially before and after surgical interventions.
3.- public work: this includes the dialogue with institutions aiming at an open discussion about recommendable, useless or even dangerous diagnostic and therapy.
4.- promotion of research in the field of retina diseases considering the possibilities and limits of technology and biological medicine.